Hydroelectric Power Plants

CMF Global is your single-source supplier for all of your power generating equipment including the turbine, generator, mounting frames, turbine inlet valve, automated controls, switchgear, and electric transmission cable.

Efficiency and durability are the highest priorities for our powerhouse packages.  Turbines are closely matched with generators early in the design stage to ensure optimum integration and efficiency. Generators are selected to meet the rigorous demands of hydroelectric environments. Embeddable mounting frames are carefully designed and fabricated to ensure precise alignment between turbine-generator components.

Controls and switchgear are engineered to meet the intertie requirements and control schemes of each individual project. For stand-alone projects, complete electro-hydraulic governing systems are employed to provide stable, utility-quality power for remote sites.

Hydroelectric Power Generation

CMF Global is an authorized distributor of hydroelectric power generation plants from Canyon Hydro. Canyon Hydro has been designing, manufacturing, and installing small hydro systems, ranging from 4kW to 25MW, for more than 35 years. These systems deliver a high return on investment (ROI) for many years because of:

  • Very efficient design and implementation
  • Long term reliability
  • Expert customer support

Water-to-Wire Packages

These hydroelectric systems supply electricity to public utilities and independent power producers. The electricity can be used for a stand-alone operation or transferred to the public utility grid. It is possible to connect a small hydroelectric system to the utility grid in such a way that it draws power from the grid during peak usage times and feeds excess power to the grid when power usage is low. It is also possible to generate electricity for stand-alone operations for remote communities or applications.

Energy Recovery from Existing Water Systems.

These specialized hydropower systems are designed to integrate with municipal water systems, irrigation districts, and other existing infrastructure to generate electricity from the excess pressure developed as water is piped from higher elevations.
These types of projects use a turbine to perform the function of a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) while producing electricity and accommodating highly variable flow, consumer usage, and downstream pressure requirements.


Canyon Hydro offers a complete Turbine Inspection Service providing a comprehensive report on system conditions, including photos of key components and hydraulic surfaces as well as specific recommendations for improving system output. Canyon Hydro has the expertise and machinery to repair, rebuild, or replace existing hydropower components from individual parts to the entire water-to-wire package.
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