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Irrigation – Commercial, Agricultural, and Golf

Within the US, we supply our AquaFuse line of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, valves, and fittings for irrigations systems.  AquaFuse is supplied through our irrigation distribution network.  It carries a 25 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects and includes our AquaFUSION training program to insure that the installation crews are proficient in fusing our HDPE products.

Included in the AquaFuse line of HDPE irrigation products are our fusible branch saddles, our AquaFuse swing joint, and our specialized valves for HDPE irrigation systems.  The heat fused AquaFuse components have a zero allowable leakage rate.

Outside the US, we supply complete or partial irrigation systems.   These irrigation systems can be the traditional Polyvinyl Chlorate (PVC)/Ductile Iron systems or the newer HDPE systems.  The component pipe, valves, fittings, wire, controllers, pump station etc. are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) (AquaFuse), Polyvinyl Chlorate (PVC), or Ductile Iron.  For either system type, we make sure that the various system components are properly matched to each other.

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