Project Description

Recently, CMF Global shipped the complete irrigation system for the prestigious 27-Club Project to China. It required 40 containers to transport these products from the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach to the job site in Tianjin, China. All the products were from U.S. manufacturers. It included our own High Density Polyethylene pipe and valves – the AquaFuse system. It also included more than 75 different products from various other U.S. manufacturers. This complete system, shipped from the U.S. and delivered to the jobsite in Northern China, included every component necessary to install the irrigation system at the job site. We also conducted the AquaFUSION on-site fusion training to insure that the HDPE products were properly installed and that they operate without difficulties. This HDPE piping will operate for more than 100 years with zero leaks – thus conserving precious water. We are very proud of this project, because China is well known for exporting these types of products to other countries.