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CMF Global, Inc. is a California corporation which supplies pipes, valves, and fittings for a wide variety of applications, throughout the world. CMF Global supplies High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fusion machines and small hydroelectric power generating equipment. CMF Global owns several proprietary, branded products which are specified by name on important domestic and international irrigation projects.



For the irrigation market, CMF Global supplies complete or partial irrigation systems which we can deliver anywhere in the world. When we supply a complete irrigation system, we include every item, no matter how small, needed to install the irrigation system, from pump station to sprinklers and including but not limited to pipes, valves, wire, controllers, sprinklers, and fittings.

For the infrastructure market, CMF Global supplies piping systems for sewers, water transmission/distribution, industrial and mining applications, oil and gas gathering, gas distribution, hydroelectric power generation, Factory Mutual (FM) approved fire suppression systems, drainage, and storm water retention/detention applications.


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) municipal water piping is manufactured to strict AWWA, ASTM, and NSF industry standards to provide decades of safe, trouble-free operation. Used in potable water applications since the 1970s, HDPE pipe is the fastest growing material used for transporting drinking water due to its tough, resilient properties. HDPE pipe is lightweight, leak-proof and resistant to chemicals (including salt).

Low temperatures do not cause failure and there are no damaging effects from freezing and thawing. The superior flow characteristics of HDPE pipe maintain optimum flow rates which reduces pumping costs. HDPE has exceptional surge tolerance, which means safe operation at higher flows and velocities, no thrust blocks are needed, and there is no loss of treated water. Heat-fused joints reduce installation time and ensure a leak proof system, which results in substantial cost savings. Thrust restraints are not required, resulting in even more savings. The use of trenchless installation technologies can further reduce system installation costs.

Our HDPE pipe meets AWWA standards C-906, C-901 and NSF standard 61 for drinking water. Most importantly, the durability and integrity of HDPE pipe makes it the permanent, most cost-effective choice for your water transmission/distribution application.

CMF Global supplies components for complex landscape, agricultural, and golf irrigation systems. These systems can include pump stations, main and lateral piping, valves, fittings, wire, controllers, and sprinklers. These systems may also include our proprietary specialty fittings. CMF Global can supply and deliver a complete golf course, landscape, or agricultural irrigation system anywhere in the world – everything from pump stations to sprinklers.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has been used in municipal and industrial sewer applications for over three decades. HDPE pipe offers resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals with durability, strength, and cost-effective installation. Hydrogen sulfide corrosion is a serious threat to conventional sewer lines, sometimes halving the service life. But HDPE pipe is not attacked, corroded, or degraded by hydrogen sulfide, assuring long service and effective use of the water system budget. HDPE pipe is also immune to most chemicals, microbiological agents, and scale buildup. It will not rust or deteriorate and is proven to be fully resistant to the forces of organic and inorganic corrosion. Flexibility and leak-free joints solve many unique problems that rigid concrete, PVC or ductile iron pipes cannot. Leak-free heat fusion joints keep effluent inside the system and prevent infiltration that can overload treatment systems.


HDPE pipe has proven to be a reliable, long-term solution for sewer and wastewater systems such as: forced sewer mains, pipeline rehabilitation, trenchless pipeline replacement, combined storm and sanitary sewer lines, sludge lines, intake and outfall lines, culvert relining and digester lines. Lightweight, easy-to-install HDPE pipe saves considerable time and money, making it the ideal piping solution for sewer applications.

For long-term, trouble-free service in industrial and mining applications, it is critical that an industrial-grade pipe system withstand daily pressure fluctuations and resist the corrosive and abrasive effects of the aggressive materials that pass through it, such as acids or salts commonly found in mines. HDPE pipe fills the need with low resistance to flows, leak-free fusion joints, toughness, abrasion resistance, tolerance for variable operating conditions, and exceptional long-term performance. It has low installation and maintenance costs, and lengths of pipe are joined using heat fusion on site. It is used in mining applications for water management, such as: conveying or drainage pipe, river water diversion, sewer, and sub-drainage systems. HDPE pipe is lightweight, flexible, and very durable in challenging applications. With its higher flow coefficients, exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance, and superior design life, HDPE pipe is the ideal piping solution for Industrial and Mining applications.

CMF Global supplies American Petroleum Institute API 15LE, ASTM D2513, and ASTM F2619 high performance HDPE pipe, valves, and fittings (in sizes from ¾ in. – 54 in.) for oil and gas gathering/transmission operations: Gas Gathering, Oil Flow Lines, CO2, H2S, Brine, Oilfield Water, and mixed fluids.

The pipe’s flexibility and reliability make it the ideal piping solution for the energy business. The smooth inner wall of the HDPE pipe provides low resistance to fluid flows, and its exceptional slow crack growth resistance assures long-term service in demanding conditions.

CMF Global supplies polyethylene pipe for gas distribution applications. Meeting the industry standards of API 15LE, ASTM D2513 and ASTM F2619, we are able to offer a vast product offering of pipe, valves and fittings. Small diameter High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) pipe is flexible and available in coils, making it easy to handle during installation. Polyethylene is known for its resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and microbial growth. It is a leak-free piping system which is ideal for gas distribution applications, in which the operation can function effortlessly at peak levels while maintaining the security of your facility, people, and the environment.

FM Approved HDPE water pressure pipe is suitable for municipal and industrial underground water fire protection systems. FM Approved HDPE water pressure pipe is available up to 36 in. in diameter. Other FM Approved products include valves, fittings, and fire hydrants.

CMF Global supplies a complete line of HDPE drainage and storm water retention/detention products. Storm water management systems are designed to treat storm water to remove debris collected in runoff including, trash, sediment, oils, and other suspended solids.


HDPE storm water systems offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to heavier reinforced concrete units and can be installed quicker and with smaller equipment, allowing further cost savings.

HDPE underground storage systems allow developers and land owners to use land as efficiently as possible by storing storm water runoff underground while using the surface area for parking, recreation, or other similar applications. An underground storage system also helps to reduce safety and health risks, since the system is completely inaccessible to the general public. Underground storm water detention eliminates the aesthetic and maintenance issues associated with above ground systems.

Our underground storage systems are tailored to meet the project specific size, shape, and storage requirements.

CMF Global is an authorized distributor of hydroelectric power generation plants from Canyon Hydro. Canyon Hydro designs and manufactures small hydro systems ranging from 4kW to 25MW. These systems deliver a high return on investment (ROI) for many years because of (1) very efficient design and implementation, (2) long term reliability, and (3) expert customer support. Canyon Hydro has been designing, manufacturing, and installing these systems for more than 35 years.

Water-to-Wire Packages. These hydroelectric systems supply electricity to public utilities and independent power producers. The electricity can be used for a stand-alone operation or transferred to the public utility grid. It is possible to connect a small hydroelectric system to the utility grid in such a way that it draws power from the grid during peak usage times and feeds excess power to the grid when power usage is low. It is also possible to generate electricity for stand-alone operations for remote communities or applications.

Energy Recovery from Existing Water Systems. These specialized hydropower systems are designed to integrate with municipal water systems, irrigation districts, and other existing infrastructure to generate electricity from the excess pressure developed as water is piped from higher elevations. These types of projects use a turbine to perform the function of a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) while producing electricity and accommodating highly variable flow, consumer usage, and downstream pressure requirements.

Services. Canyon Hydro offers a complete Turbine Inspection Service providing a comprehensive report on system conditions, including photos of key components and hydraulic surfaces as well as specific recommendations for improving system output. Canyon Hydro has the expertise and machinery to repair, rebuild, or replace existing hydropower components from individual parts to the entire water-to-wire package.



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