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AquaSaddle Fused Swing Joint Service Saddle


The Fused Swing Joint Service Saddle is 100% corrosion resistant with NO metal components. It’s PE4710 bimodal resin has a PENT value of >10,000 hours. Fully pressure rated at 335 PSI, with a double O-Ring seal for use on DR17 through DR7 or PE100 pipe. Make this your Swing Joint connection solution!

AquaFuse Electrofusion Saddle for Swing Joints

AquaSaddle ¾” Landscape Fusible Service Saddle

AquaSaddle 1” Landscape Fusible Service Saddle

AquaFuse EXCLUSIVE Fusible HDPE Service Saddle Machines


The EXCLUSIVE AquaFuse Fusible HDPE Service Saddle Machine takes the simplicity of sidewall fusion and makes it even easier!

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